Editor feature request: Link to workflow, action and data type

A challenge when handing over a Bubble project to someone else (such as a client) is documentation. We usually use a combination of Notion and the Bubble notes system, but one of the limitations of this is whenever we refer to a workflow, action or data type the reader will have to search for it, and the label may change.

A unique URL for each of them would be incredibly useful and make documentation a lot easier, as illustrated below:

I’m guessing this system is already half-in place, since the issue tracker and search tools can already take you directly to a specific workflow step? Would it be a difficult addition to add it as a URL parameter?


Hello Petter,

Thanks for this note! A feature request for this has been submitted to our engineering team. :slight_smile:

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Thank you @eve!

This would be something cool to have :slight_smile: