Editor is embarrassing

The editor is embarrassing currently. It is super slow. It creates errors and when you push something to live with new data fields, if you click live and go to edit these new fields, they won’t show unless you refresh.

I created a new data type, tried to add a new field and saw it added the field to the first thing in my data list which already had that field so now I had a duplicate and had to play Russian roulette on which was the duplicate to delete. I chose wrong so wasted time having to fix that up afterwards.

Why is the editor in such a ridiculously bad state at the moment ? It makes developing even harder and errors which are caused by the editor cost us time and WFUs… maybe it is on purpose.


No exaggeration here… this thread is at least the 15th new/active thread about the editor in the past 30 days, and I know that because I am a nut job who went and found all of those threads.

I know it’s probably frustrating when folks are asked/told to submit bug reports (and maybe you already did in this case), but those reports really are the way to get Bubble’s attention. That being said, I am going to drop a message to Bubble in the background and link to every one of those 15 threads so they have a better idea of how much this matter is affecting the community. Who knows, maybe that will help in some way, shape, or form.


Thank you for your service, Mike. 🫡

Back in the days – like a couple of months ago - I used to think I was the root cause of whatever problem I was facing. It has flipped now. Any sign of trouble and I open the console to see a red river of errors.

So sad. Soooo sad </trump voice>


Thank you for your patience here and very sorry for some of the recent issues - we did indeed push quite a few things lately in the editor to improve both performance and functionality, but it seems like some releases are leading to issues that have been reported here multiple times.

The team is investigating, and as @mikeloc is saying, the best you can do is submit a bug report with reproduction steps (or a copy paste of what is in the console, if you can’t reproduce). Our battery of tests (automated and manual) haven’t revealed the issues being reported on the forum, so the more we can look at this in details, the better.

Again, very sorry about this, we’re actively looking into this.


Yes i have noticed that in my single page app recently it is nearly impossible to get anything done as the editor constantly freezes and crashes.

Adding workflows / switching between pages in the editor, it will also crash when loading my single page app most times. It’s super weird.

I probably have to refresh from crash every 5 min. it’s nearly impossible to get anything done no joke!

My editor seems a lot snappier this morning (Australia time). Hopefully this is not my imagination as the last few weeks have been challenging to say the least even with issues_off=true

It is a lot snappier this time! I thought I was the only one

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FYI… folks might want to give this new experimental feature a shot.


Thanks! The editor’s performance improved significantly.

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