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Editor not drawing elements or creating workflows

Has anyone experienced this? I’ve submitted a bug report first thing this morning and have not heard from support yet. Any tips on a possible solution? I’ve restarted the editor and my browser several times without luck.

Fingers crossed.

Hi @AndrewV , Would you be able to point me to anyone today in support that could help with this bug report? The editor is not creating elements or workflows and I am unable to continue working.

Thank you for your help!

Hey @jasonturo

Sorry for the trouble with this! At first glance, we’ve seen some weird things happen simply because of cookies that have gotten into a bad state. Could you try visiting the editor from a different browser or in incognito mode to see if the behavior changes?

While I can’t provide a solid eta, I just took a quick look and it appears your bug report is in the right place. Rest assured the team will get a response out to you asap on it.

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Hi Andrew,

Thank you so much for responding to the forum post. I appreciate your help with this. That was a great tip to check on another browser or incognito mode. I will ad that to my “emergency checklist”. After clearing all the cookies for the editor page, we are back in business. You are very helpful and really appreciate your responsiveness. I’ll reply to the bug report, we are all clear.


Hey @jasonturo

Thanks for the update! So glad to hear that helped! In general, you’d be amazed how much can be solved simply by reseting cookies / restarting the browser etc.

Best of luck with the rest of the build!

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