Editor Problems / New Hardware

Hello dear Community,
Recently I have extreme performance problems in the editor. I have some extremely full pages, so the editor is just as fast as at the beginning. Unfortunately, I have the problem with the reusable elements that the editor becomes extremely slow while they are still being created. Sometimes I wait a minute until the element is updated. At this point the reusable element is not used anywhere yet, but still the performance breaks down completely. (Partly even with small hint windows)
I’ve tried everything I can. Browser data deleted, other browsers used, browser more performance assigned. etc.

Now we have made a decision that new hardware will come. What would you recommend?

Enclosed the current hardware.



RAM is the key. I have “heavy” pages with lots of elements, and the editor is very slow.

I would recommend a minimum of 32GB RAM, 64 if you can afford it.

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