Edtech SSO | WorkOS vs custom SSO


I am wondering if anyone has done SSO for edtech. I looked into WorkOS and it seems pretty amazing, but the monthly costs are high. (not sure this is a viable business option) The only other option I can think of would be creating a custom SSO system with Azure. If anyone has any insights on this would be super helpful!

You can try Auth0 instead

Are you integrating with Clever or a specific SSO provider?

Nick, I’m in edtech too: prograds.com. I need what you need. Let’s compare notes. I’m at fred.cutler@prograds.com

I have an advantage in that I can do the first one with the university where I’m a professor (UBC Vancouver) and my former co-founder is on the indentity/access team at our central IT. I hope to do this at UBC in early July. But I want to do it in a way that can be ported to other schools easily.

If your target audience is universities, they usually have their own identity providers they use for SSO and it varies by university. So you’d probably have to implement each via the API Connector to log in

Clever is a good option for K-12

Right. They each have their own identity provider. Most are self-hosted by the school, even if it’s Azure AD or whatever.
Has anyone used BoxyHQ for this? I’ve asked them for edtech/startup pricing because 49/mo isn’t going to work until I have whole universities as customers, rather than just a couple of departments like I have now.

I work in Ed tech as well. what SSO are you trying to integrate? Canvas, Schoology, class link, clever(these are easy to integrate with)?

there is one company out there called ed.link that handles sso, assignments, grading and lti launched but it’s cost prohibitive.