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Educational resources?

Hey guys,

So I’ve been working on an intro to Bubble game for kids and I should be finishing up this weekend. It basically takes them through a story line where they’re chasing their monkey friend who has the key to “Tek Mountain” (there is no key, the kid finds out he/she is the key upon completion of the final location). The game character chases the monkey around 5 different locations and each location has a mini project that is taught and built.

Once they complete the game, they are given access to Tek Mountain. I realize there is already an abundance of lessons and educational services for bubble, so rather than creating more I would like to know who would like to have their links posted in the “What to do next” column once the kids have reached Tek Mountain.

If you’re interested, please leave a link to your resource(s) below or shoot me a message. Once I have the game completed I will message you with a link the game and make sure you have a chance to view it before I put your link in Tek Mountain. I coach at a youth soccer club and am giving it to a few of my players to see how they do with it, then when it’s ready we’re going to push it out to the rest of the club.

Look forward to connecting