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Efactive! New FREE Plugin - Detect if user is online

You can still use it, it’s just not supported anymore. The replacement plugin is “Online Now - Check User Activity”


Thanks :+1:

Hi, can I use this plugin to know if a user changes tab?

Example: User was in my app and then he changed tab and went to google. I need to execute a workflow as soon as he switches the tab and goes to google.

Has anyone tried the paid version who could verify if these bugs are solved?

Is it possible to use the Plugin to show how long the user is inactive?

Yes for sure you can. The newer version of the plugin is called Online Now

You can also check the demo page here

Hello! @AliFarahat
How do I show the presence of different types of users?

Well under the user table create a new field called user type. Then when the idle event fires put a condition to only change the status for a particular user type

Sorry @AliFarahat
But when idle event fires?

Check out the demo page above