Efficiency : action vs data API Call

Hello everyone,
I am using a lot of API calls in my apps and it is getting slower and slower.
I tried the 2 different methods to display data ;

  • the get “data” directly on the bubble front
  • the get “action” on the workflow

Which one do you think is the faster ?

Why should they be different? Action calls are for “do this when I say”. Data calls are for “do this when the expression is evaluated”. It’s just syntax.

Thanks for your answer @keith
Agree with you on that, we can do the same with the 2 of them, and basically normal workflows and data call in the front are running browser side no ? so same efficiency

What s about running api calls with back-end workflows (so server-side) vs normal workflows or data call ?
I need to find a way to make my api calls much more faster :confused:

How do you know Bubble is the issue here?

It could be that the API call is just … slow.

In which case you want to look at loading your data up before you need it?

The api calls are also really slow too, I m not saying bubble is the issue.
I m trying to find the best way to do it.

There s one as you mention : refresh the data when the user logs in (before he needs it)

But in general, what do you suggest between back-end workflow or normal workflow (or direct call from the front)