Electrician Path - A network for electricians [Showcase]

Hey Bubble community!

Excited to showcase what I and a friend have been building. Electrician Path is a platform for electricians to network with each other, find training opportunities, jobs and showcase their work experience to their peers.

We built the home page with Webflow (https://www.electricianpath.com/). But our product is built with bubble: https://app.electricianpath.com/

We went with Bubble because we are both non-technical and bubble has allowed us to build a tech product that would have cost us thousands in time and money. @emmanuel and team have changed the game!

If you are interested in how we are going through building this company, ie. acquiring users, building product, thinking through network effects, etc… feel free to reach out to me: alex@electricianpath.com

Any feedback would be appreciated. Bonus if you’re an electrician (or know anyone who is), would love to connect with them for feedback and additional learnings.

Happy Bubbling!

PS: @romanmg course is amazing and has been influential with our product development and highly recommend her course.

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interesting concept - good luck!!!

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