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Element behaving differently second time it's clicked

I built a forum as part of an app. Comments have a small “reply” text below them. When clicked the reply reveals a multiline input as well as reply and cancel buttons.

When the cancel button is utilized and then the “reply” text is pressed again, the multiline input, reply button and cancel buttons don’t reappear. If a comment is submitted and then the reply is clicked for an additional reply, the workflow seems to work properly.

I don’t have anything conditional in any of the elements as far as I can tell.

Please help!

Hi Neal.

I may need to understand a bit more about how you’re doing this.

You’re probably not, but if you happen to be using a “do when condition is true” workflow event, check that the “Run this” setting isn’t set to “Just once” - it should be every time.

The approach I’d take is to have the reply elements (multiline + buttons) in a group with a Custom State of “Show?” as a Yes/No type, defaulting to No. Have a conditional rule on the group that says “if Show? is yes, then display on”. Then have your main reply button toggle this state from yes to no (or vice versa).

Make sense? If not, feel free to give me a shout.