Element display issue upon sign-in?

Hi, I’m having an issue where half of the programmed elements don’t display upon signing in. Very strange – a page refresh or navigating to another group, then navigating back to the home screen will always fix the problem. Nevertheless, it’s a terrible first impression for users to have, especially if they don’t know the workaround. Can anyone help diagnose or fix the problem? Screenshots attached.

Normal display

Element display error upon signing in, happens pretty regularly. Green button and text are missing.

A second type of element display error. Everything is shoved up so that the header bar is cut off.

I have no idea how to fix these, can anyone help?? Thank you so much!!

What browser are you seeing this behavior? What type of device? Is it everywhere? Better yet, can you share a link so we can check it on our browsers?

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Hey thanks! It’s pretty global I think. www.InCommon.help It’s only visible when you register or sign-in. It’s not visible from the splash screen.

I’m not seeing it on my Surface Pro or my Google Pixel phone, using Chrome on both. Everything loads as expected!

That’s good feedback if it’s consistent on Chrome. It’s been a regular error on my iPhone 6, Safari…

Playing with it some more… Rotating the phone physically, thus causing it to re-orient the screen, then rotating it back to portrait orientation fixes the problem without refreshing the page or navigating…

Help? Anyone?

You might need to file a bug report, as I wasn’t able to reproduce it on my end. www.bubble.is/bug_report

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