Element in an iFrame condition

Hello, i would like to know if this is possible. So i created a page that uses an iFrame from another page i made. In this page, it has a button that navigates back to the profile. I would like this button to not show since this shows a different profile page and i don’t want that.

I tried using the condition “when this url contains…” then i put the url of the page that has the iframe. Nothing happened unfortunately. Im thinking the page in the iframe still detects its own url and not the main url the iframe is on.

Is there any way to pass the main url inside the iframe for it to be detected via condition or maybe a workflow? TIA

This is a fun one! Have you tried passing something as a URL parameter for the iFrame?

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Holy… This idea didn’t cross my mind at all and it worked! You’re a genius! Thank you thank you!

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