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Element Inspector Show RG Cell Number next to Element Name

When using the element inspector to find out why an element that is inside of a repeating group is not behaving as expected, such as when it is invisible, it is nearly impossible to debug, especially when the element is not visible, because if it is not visible we can not click on it, and the element inspector does not show a cell number next to the name of the element.

If I have a RG with 100 cells and 35 do not show an element inside of the RG which I expect to be visible while the other 65 do, it is not currently possible to debug for each of the 35 not visible.

Would be great to simply add the RG cell number next to the name of the element.

For example ‘Element Name (5)’ would be for the element whose name is Element Name and is in cell 5 of the RG.

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