Element properies

Hi, i have a page with index and an reusable item (header).
In the index i created an condition.

When “Current page scrolling position is > 600” do X

That X i want to change header (reusable item) propeties.

First of all background of the header want to set it to #FFFFFF
And inside that header there are some buttons that i want to change them the colour too
Also there is a hidden button that i want to make visible now.

How i should do this? I tried looking in the forum but nothing…


My recommendation would be to make 2 different headers - when it reaches the scroll position make that header visible in the workflow and hide the other. That header has all the settings pre-set the way you want it.

Also be sure to check if scrolling goes the other way to change the header back to original in the workflow.

Thanks i’ll try that.

For future readers, here’s a solution: Add the logic in the element’s conditions. Just figured it out for my app!

Well, this is a very old thread.
If I remember correctly was when one of our team members was trying to do something with the header, and we were testing bubble.

Actually, there is a better way to do that.

Yes? :slight_smile:

For more advanced workflow you can create a custom workflow on the reusable element and then use