Element that auto-organizes value label:fields

So I’ve been building and recycling combos of labels in groups within groups within groups and managing the responsiveness. It’s so much work each time… :roll_eyes:

I love Bubble because it’s really flexible and has tons of integrations and features, but I also love how Knack’s just doing everything for me automatically.

So I’m thinking: is there some element out there that can display a detailed thing and organize the layout for me?

Example: I would display a user from the users data table, so I would add the element to my page, do a search for that element and it would display all the fields of that element, in a pairs of label/value. (I would ideally be able to tick off the values I don’t want to display and organize them in order of preference).

Bonus: this element would have an edit or add function where values would toggle to input fields.

Tell me this exists already… somewhere?