Element Tree scrollbar obscures Show/Hide icon

Hi there,

I work on both Macs and PCs but I notice on the Mac side, a small annoyance is that when I want to access the Show/Hide icon for an element in the Elements Tree, the wider Mac scrollbar obscures the icon. I have to wait a one or seconds, holding my mouse still so as not to trigger the scrollbar again in order to swoop in and click on the Show/Hide icon.

I don’t know what accommodations for the Mac platform can be made to fix this but it’s something I’ve noticed since beginning to use Bubble. Perhaps the ability to drag the Elements Tree wider rather than having it as a fixed width component?

Notice that the Show/Hide icons are grayed out underneath the scrollbar slider.

You have tried a different browser? I use Mac and Firefox by default and everything works well.

I’m actually using Firefox myself. I screen snapped this on Firefox. I haven’t checked Chrome or Safari however.

I would favor being able to slide the Tree list width to be as wide as the user wanted it to be.