Elements in front of group with focus?

Is there any way to have elements above/in front of a group with focus? My use case is that I have built a search feature with an input and a repeating group (inside a group with focus) and put those in a reusable element to use site-wide. The repeating group is only visible when a search is being done, but most of the time, when it’s not being used, it’s hidden. However, the reuseable element retains the full height, and on some pages, that height covers clickable elements. Looks like I can’t pull those elements to the front on top of a reusable element, so what should I do?

It’s the search in the upper right: http://usercard.org/version-test/

EDIT: I think I should just remove the repeating group from the group with focus? I think? I can manually set visibility options… but not sure if the layering issue is due to that or the reusable element - I’d really like to keep it all in a reuseable element.

Nevermind. I figured it out. My own dumb oversight. All elements work as they should!

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The site looks good