Elements in Group Not Appearing in Preview or Published App (Single Page App)

I am struggling to get a few layers of groups to show on my SPA.

The page: https://arrchiver.com/home

Below “Join Arrchiver Waitlist” is a Pricing Module that is based on a group and multiple sub-groups contained. These groups and sub-groups are visible in the editor but not visible in preview or published version. This behavior can also be seen in the mailchimp html, not visible in preview, but visible in editor.

I have inspect elements in debugger and there are no elements to be found. This can be further validated as a workflow to scroll the user to the Pricing Section when clicking on “Pricing” at the top does nothing.

Any troubleshooting or guidance is much appreciated.

Is it possibly a Privacy issue (the data source of the group not being accessible)? This is usually the case when I have similar issues.
If not, sharing your editor would be the best way for us to help you troubleshoot this, though.

Hey Flowtron,

I would doubt it would be a privacy issue as there is no data being accessed in the editor. But happy to be proven wrong!

Below is the screenshot of the editor. As it is just various versions of text and text boxes associated with a single group (and various groups).
Do you need more/different info from the editor?

Hey @flowtron - wanted to see if you had any insight into this? No data type is currently being used in these groups. Purely text.

In the Layout tab, is “This element is visible on page load” checked?

@flowtron - Yes - all of the groups have that checked in the layout section. Is it worth just rebuilding and starting over?


I mean you could do that and it might fix it, but doesn’t help you in the long run to not find the issue. Can you share your editor? In Settings > General > change Editor access permissions at least to “Everyone can view” then shoot over that URL so I can take a look and see if I can help further.

@flowtron Appreciate it: Arrchiver | Bubble Editor

Page: index
issue: bottom groups “Easy Pricing”