Elements not visible that should be visible

Hey everyone,

I’m hoping this is something stupid I’m overlooking. My goal is to make a day calendar-type grid that has resource availability on the x-axis and time of day (selected from a dropdown) on the y-axis.

I’ve built this successfully a different way but the workflow and database structure I had was extremely slow, so I rebuilt.

I have been able to get around my previous workflow and database issue, except now the shape element that was previously displaying (to indicate that a resource was booked over that time), is no longer showing up. I was beating my head against the wall tweaking the conditional thinking it was an error I was making with the logic, but when I just tried to make the shape visible on page load it still isn’t appearing. In fact, when I use the inspect function the shape isn’t even in the list of elements on the page. Additionally, for a reason I can’t figure out, the repeating group that the shape is in is invisible.

This is the shape element:

This is the repeating group that it sits in:

This is the inspect function showing that the repeating group is “(invisible)”

This is evidence that the Shape A isn’t even registering as an element on the page

Does anyone know why I’m having trouble getting a simple shape element to appear on the page? It is admittedly nested in a long-line of nested groups and repeating groups, but all them are set to visible on page load.

Thanks in advance for any help.


I’m having the same issue I believe.

I ended up finding a plug-in that did what I needed, but I think the issue was that I had a repeating group somewhere in the multiple nests that had an empty data source. Therefore all of it’s children groups were invisible.

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