Elements side by side. Collapse one by default and center the other

Is it possible to collapse one element by default and center the other until a condition makes it visible again? In theory I would want to hide the right map and center the left one until an address is input.

Bump, Any thoughts?

Maybe try putting it one on top of the other centered and then check the box that says something like move to line above if there is room for it.

Iā€™m not in front of my computer right now to test it or look at the right verbiage. If you need more clarification I can look at my computer and let you know later.

Seems to make sense. Let me try this out.

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The best solution is to create two groups that are both hidden by default and you collapse the elements height when hidden.

Then in the first create them side by side like you have.

Then in the second centralise both and make them hidden by default.

Then create conditions.

When you need the side by side view show that.

When you need the centralised single version show that with a condition that shows one of the groups.

That should solve your problem :slight_smile:

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