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Elements tree to the right


I’m doing a bit more complex page design and the elements section is beginning to take a LOT of space in the editor as the different elements add up.That also means that when I’m adding stuff and hiding/showing elements a lot then I waste a lot of time on scrolling up and down to find stuff.
That’s when I started thinking about using the elements tree on the right hand side of the editor - it’s usually empty (i.e. free screen real estate) and in most of the design applications the layer menu is on the right anyway - it would feel natural there, plus you could make the text and hide/reveal icons a bit bigger (and easier to target), too. And perhaps make it smarter - add an option to pin some elements to favourites to make finding them as easy as possible for frequent use.


I agree, this is why I suggested the use of partials and a container for viewing them, you could then develop these partials (components) in a similar way to Reusable Elements, and the view container could swap out/change the partials view and interact with them via custom states or whatever the system could do.

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What you’re suggesting would work on a wide screen (i believe it’s your case?), but for most people on a laptop it won’t work well unfortunately.

Maybe a checkbox for widescreen users would be the solution. Let the user drag the tools where he wishes. :slight_smile:

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True, the effects of that would be most beneficial on wide screen. (when on move I’ve struggled to develop bubble page at 1200 width on laptop screen… another bar on the right would make the UX worse…)And a lot of people actually do use wide screens - especially for graphics. So the solution would be to make it switchable from one side to the other. That would be a great reason to attract more serious devs to bubble.
When moving things to the right another point would be to also make the element properties dockable to there, thus making it potentially more convenient to use. Presently I also find myself always relocating it to see an element underneath it. Having it in a fixed location would save a TON of clicks
And I wholeheartedly support @DaveA’s idea mentioned there.
If complex development on bubble was more streamlined I’d consider starting a business around it - otherwise it’s quite enjoyable as an experience :slight_smile: