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Email alert error from Log the user in

An alert box pops up saying: Please include an email. But there is no spot to insert email’s value. This happens after I click the log in button which opens a pop up and before I get a chance to enter any text. What do you recommend? @emmanuel

It’s likely that when you press the login button to open the Login popup the Login workflow is also being triggered.
Check your workflows

Yep that was the problem. I got it fixed. Thanks for your help!

Right now, every time a user votes it overrides how the previous user voted on the same item.
Do you know how make it so that every time someone votes on an item it shows each user and how they voted?

For the item they are voting on, you can make a list of Users (ex. “Votes” -> list of Users) as a property of what they are voting on (ex. “Post”)

Then in your workflows, when a user votes you can add that user to the list above. Then you can retrieve Post’s Votes (which are Users)

To see how they voted, you would have to store how they voted. So:
Ex. Like vs Unlike

You can store if they Liked or Unliked as a text inside a property (ex. “Vote Status”) in the User database

To retrieve it you would have to get the User’s Vote Status

@pengx26, thank you for your help but I am struggling with implementing it. Can you please post screenshots of the steps?