Email and subdomain not working properly

Hello all,

For our business customers we have made a small app with bubble. We use a subdomain of our domain for the app. What we run into is, that an email from the app is not sent properly. The recipient of the mail does not see the subdomain in the from field.

The from field will continue to look like this.
Eck en Mau

Instead of (this is an example):
Eck en Mau

In the manual I read the following:
This action sends an email from the app. If a domain name has not been setup yet, the email will come from [your-appname] When a domain name is set, the email will come from Customize this email in the Domain & Email section in the Settings Tab.

Our subdomain is setup and working fine.

We don’t want to use sendgrid because we only send a password reset.

What are we doing wrong?

Got it working. The problem was sending the reset password mail. Just made a token from that one and passed it to the send mail option. In the send mail option there are more options for telling from who the mail comes from.

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