Email campaigns & transactional email

Hi everyone,

Got a few questions regarding email. For what I have read in the forum, its best to use a back-end workflow for transactional emails.
Do you use back-end workflows for user registration? email confirmation, etc?

Furthermore, what about purchase receipts? Do you use stripe email receipts?

I am building a real estate portal and would like to send a personalised email to every user based on their saved property search parameters… Would it be possible to create an email that shows the properties in the past 24 hours with the news properties that have been uploaded based on that search criteria? I understand that you can schedule a workflow to run every 24 hours to see if there has been any new uploads but how can I fetch the data from my bubble app to show the properties in the email, just like a property portal does? Any ideas?

Thank you for your time

Nope, at least for me, I use regular workflows.

I use Stripe receipts, just easier for me

Thanks Johnny, any idea on how to design an email template and fetch info from the DB to be displayed in the email?

You can design an email template via Sendgrid

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