Email confirmation on a different browser

I am having the same issue as this user: Email confirmation on another browser

The issue is related to the email confirmation link not working on a browser that is different from the one used for signup.

Let’s say the user signs up with Chrome. Bubble sends the email with the confirmation link to their email. The user switches to Safari to check their email and clicks the link. The link opens a new tab in Safari. In this case Bubble will NOT mark their email as confirmed.

Is there a way to solve this?


That is not an actual issue (different browsers). You aren’t using the email confirmation link properly or the email itself…

Hi thanks for your reply.
I am not sure what you mean: I am using the option to “send an email to confirm the email” in the “sign the user up” action in the signup workflow. That email is generated and sent by Bubble.

Are you able to help? thanks