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Email confirmation/validator

Hey :),

I have two questions regarding Email Confirmation :

  1. While I know how to use Email Validator this plugin doesn’t recognize some real E-mail in my app. Is there a way to fix that ?

  2. Is there a way to use email confirmation more effectively? I think I use in the wrong way.

Currently that is how I use Email Confirmation in WORKFLOW:

1st Event : When the user clicks on button Sign Up :

  • Sign the user up >Send confirmation> log out

2nd Event : Do when current user email’s confirmed is no

  • Log the user out

When users try to log in (when confirmation email is no) they log in but immediately after they are logged out. It is not very pretty in my header.

I would like to prevent users from logging in (when confirmation email is no) without using log out as I do here in workflow.

Thank you for your help ! :wink: