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Email Digest/Newsletter for Jobs from Local Database

Hi Bubblers,

I’d like to develop a Job offer summary in a daily.

I have set the recurring event to Daily.

Is there any reference/tutorial to develop similar to this?

It is just a repeating group of matched job picks. you need to create a workflow that will match relevant jobs based on your users skills, to start with this could be based on the job description. The hard bit as it requires some logic or an algorithm beyond just basic keywords to make them truly relevant to your user.

Thanks for helping out.

Is there a detailed workflow where I can emulate the repeating group in an array format or list?

I’m sure you can find one if you look around on the forum, but it is fairly simple, even more so if you are keywording your job listings. On the most basic level, if a candidate is looking to ‘product manager’ Roles, you would make a search for jobs with title that match’s ‘product manager’ then sort and filter to make it relevant, then send this to them in an email.

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Ok thanks! found it via forum!

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