Email Issues - Automatic Messages Based On Criteria [HELP STILL NEEDED]

I am trying to send automatic emails and I can only send them to the user who submits something. I want to send emails based on certain criteria. Here is an example:

My site is so construction companies can post a project and then contractors can submit bids/proposals. For example, let’s say I’m the construction company submitting a project. I need a concrete company and I need an asphalt company. So, I check off concrete and asphalts trades.

Then on the other side of the equation, I have users that signed up as contractors and they signed up that they do concrete. I have another user that does asphalt.

How do I send automatic messages for them to submit a bid/proposal to the project that has concrete and asphalt? There has to be a way to say “When a project has concrete, then send to users whose profile has concrete and/or asphalt checked off in project”.

Does anyone know how to do this?

You can use api workflows to accomplish this. Setup a daily workflow that checks for new jobs and emails contractors whose profile matches.

Alternatively, when the job is created you can create a workflow that emails contractors.

Thanks for answering! I think your second option works best since it will send it out automatically when the job is created. I have tried this like 100’s already and the work flow isn’t working. Here is what I did.

  1. For the contractor user, I have created a field called “trade”. For this contractor that trade is “concrete”.
  2. For the construction company, when they build the project, they choose their trades. For this example, they did a project and choose “concrete” in their project before submitting.

Screenshot attached. Nothing is working.

I should clarify. I only want to email the contractors that the job applies to. I don’t want to send an email to every single contractor. It should only go to the contractors that choose “concrete” in their profile. Is that possible?

You can insert in the bottom of send email only when Multidropdown value’s=concrete send this email. And then in the send to- do a search for users= concrete. The you would have to set one up for each category you want to send an email.

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In the screenshot with the red… Make sure after searching for users you select their email address. Click ‘more’ and you can select a field from m the user.

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Hi @mgray, here is one way to implement your requirement.
So as you mentioned you have a field on the Contructors Users called trade which is a list (e.g concrete, asphalt, etc).
I don’t know exactly how you’re distinguish Constructor users from other users but let’s assume that you have a field on the User type called isConstructor? which is a yes/no field.
Also you have the default email field for users.

Given these, what you want your search results for the To field of the Send email action to be is the following.
You want to find users whose isConstructor? field is yes (that is the User is a Constructor).
And also the User’s trade field list contains the values from the Multi-dropdown list.
This query will return a list of Users. And since you want their emails, click the More… and choose email. This will return you a list of email address that the email should be going to.

Edit: I think @stephencharles beat me to it while i was typing my response. lol

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Thank you all for your replies! One thing I might be messing up and I should clarify. For the users, there are essentially two types: General Contractors and Subcontractors.

Should these be two new data types?


Should I use the existing “user” data type that is in bubble and create a field such as “member type”.

It’s very confusing to me because General Contractors and Subcontractors will have different criteria so I almost have to set up two data types… but there is always this “user” data type.

What is the best practice?

HI @mgray,
You can use one User datatype and have a field to distinguish them as i indicated in my earlier post. If you’re going to have only two kinds of users you can have for example a yes/no field called isSubconctractor?.
Or if you anticipate having more that two user types you can have a text field like member type as you mentioned.
I’m not sure what exactly you mean by “different criteria” though.

It works now. The key was “email” address in the send part. I thought it implied that but I guess not.

Thank you!!

I meant there are different fields for General Contractor and Subcontractor. Some of them are the same: Email, website, phone number, etc.

Some are different though. For example, a General Contractor does many types of work. A subcontractor might only do concrete.

In the future I might have more users types… for example suppliers of concrete products.

So, I was thinking about breaking them up so it’s more clean. What do you think is best practice?

FYI - I’m trying to get a template down before hiring you because you would be totally lost in my words. So, after I get this going in the right direction, I’m going to ask you to take over.

With regards to this, it’s really weird. I thought everything was working. Then I realized…

  1. If I filled in 1 field, only that 1 email would be sent out.
  2. (This one is the problem) If I leave them all blank, then it sends out a notification to all users even though no fields are filled in.

Any idea? I’m thinking to use the “only when” feature but don’t know which option to work with.

After tons of testing here is what is happening:

  1. If I choose 0 contractors from the drop downs, all users get an email.
  2. If I choose 1 contractor from the drop down, it works perfectly and goes to that 1 user.
  3. If I choose more than 1 contractor from the drop down (2+), then 0 emails go out.

None of this make sense @lester any ideas?

To me it looks like you have the email set up right. I’m not sure why it would send an email to all if none of the dropdowns are selected or none if you have more then one selected.

How are you getting the dropdowns values? Are you doing static choices or dynamic choices?

What I am wondering are the dropdowns choices exactly same as the values in the Subcontractors Div fields?

They are all static choices so that the contractors don’t have spelling errors and all the fields match perfectly.

Yes, I have checked that a few times. This is why this throws me for a loop. If I do only 1 contractor at a time, then it works perfectly. If I do more than 1 contractor it doesn’t work at all. So then the fields must be correct if they work in the first example. Does that make sense?