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Email Meeting Request for Each Item in RG

I am using the Calendar Plug-in for a scheduling function where the Calendar Event is updated in the DB as an Availability thing. Once a User has selected all the Events they want to schedule they can open the cart and a popup with a RG showing all Events is listed. I’ve tried to setup a Workflow triggered by a Checkout Button where the User receives an Email Meeting Request for each Event they selected. However, I can’t figure out how to Dynamically fill the Start and End times with the specific Event information.
I’ve considered adding a ‘Confirm’ Checkbox to trigger that specific email but the User could still change their mind and not proceed with the checkout making the email moot.
It is best to trigger this on the Checkout Button but there doesn’t seem to be an option to select “All” Availabilities in the List.
Here are screenshots. Thank you for any help.

This is fairly straightforward to sort out! I’d recommend using the orchestra plugin to accomplish what you’re asking here.

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Thank you very much for the recommendation. I have downloaded the plugin and see how it allows externally triggered actions inside the RG. I’m not seeing how it allows me to Trigger multiple meeting emails for each cell of the RG. I’ve also googled to see if there is a tutorial available to better explain but not finding anything.
Have you experienced this use case before?
Perhaps, @vini_brito can weigh in. I’d be very appreciative.
Thank you for all the help.

Jared and @vini_brito

I’m attaching screenshots from the work I’ve done to better show the issue I’m experiencing. I am trying to dynamically input the start and end times so that a meeting email is generating for each cell of the RG with the individual cell info.
I believe I have setup Orchestra correctly but when I test the process I still get the “invalid start/end date” message.

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