Email not being sent at random times

Hi guys,

So i have a new register flow wherein it sends email of the magic link along with temporary pw for changing the user’s pw.

As seen above, that is my workflow. Not it works perfectly but the problem is, sometimes the email doesn’t send. I tried different email and it still wont send. Then after an hour or so, the service is working again. The fastest it went back up was 5 mins, longest was around 2 hours.

Question is, is this normal? Are there any other email alternatives aside from bubble’s native email? TIA

Bubble uses SendGrid for sending emails. So I suppose there is some issue on their end.

Ahh i see… do you have any alternatives you can suggest?

Can’t recommend anything specific, but I’ve seen people recommended Postmark and some other services (you can check the forum for “sendgrid alternatives”).

P.S. Also you can try to make a SendGrid account and check this:

Tip: Creating your own Sendgrid account allows you to start viewing Sendgrid’s logs to see what is happening to an email after it leaves Bubble. This is especially useful if you find that emails are sent successfully from your Bubble application but not received by certain email providers, such as
[Bubble manual: Email]

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