Email Not Working - Help Needed - 16 Days of Troubleshooting Any Counting

Hello Bubblers,

We are a website that allows construction companies to post a project and then that project gets sent out to specific subcontractors based on information they filled out.

Example: Construction company needs a tile, woodflooring, and paint subcontractor. Once the construction company sets up the project and submits, the “request for proposal” is sent out to tile, woodflooring and paint subcontractors.

Here is what is happening during testing and acting like we are the contractor:

  1. If I choose no subcontractor criteria (ie I leave it completely blank) and submit the project; all users get the email for invitation for proposal.
  2. If I choose 1 subcontractor, it works perfectly and it goes out to that contractor. For example, I choose tile and then all the tile people get the email.
  3. If I send it to 2+ criteria (ie tile, woodflooring and paint) then 0 people get the email.

Everyone who has trouble shooted this is lost. Can someone please help :slight_smile:



PW: Lockout2017

Thank you!!

I did some more research on why it is not working right. It needs to be an API workflow that can run on a list.

Its need to go through the list of subcontractors and get their emails but the way it is set now it will only go to the first subcontractor so it needs to be set up with an API Workflow that can run on a list of subcontractors.

Here is a video that explains how an API workflow on a list works.

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@mgray looking at your search for the sub-contracters emails in the workflow. Your logic is basically saying - I want to search for subcontractors emails that can offer ALL the criteria. This is why its working fine for 1 criteria and not at all for multiple criterias.

You are essentially saying “get me the emails of subcontractors that can offer Concrete AND Stone AND Surveyor AND Appliance” - none of your subcontractors have more than the 1 criteria.

You need to turn your search into an OR - so i believe you need to use the “Merged with” option in your search.



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@rossliddell You might be a life saver. I 100% get your logic but I’m not 100% clear how to set this up.

Do I use the “or” constraint or do I use the “merged with” constraint. See screenshot below. Do you think you can set 1 up and then I can do the other 15 and run tests? I hope this works!!


The first way I tried it gives a red error. See below.

The 2nd way I tried it doesn’t have “or” and it doesn’t have “merged with”.

3 hours into this and nothing works. Any feedback? Much appreciated :slight_smile:

I finally found an “or” part and it still won’t work.

@lester Any idea why this still won’t work?

I looked into the API idea and there are numerous questions but I won’t get into that yet because it might be possible according to @rossliddell I just have no clue why it won’t work.

The help is much appreciate guys. Thank you.

I think the way you had the search set for subcontractors was right the problem is these type of workflows do not run through a list of subcontractors like you need it to, they only get the first one that meets the criteria. So I think the only way to set this up is using an API workflow that runs on the list of subcontractors and will send an email to all subcontractors that meet that search.

I can help you set up the api workflow if you want me to.

Quick question on WF:

  1. I thought this requires doing it weekly, monthly or daily? I check the pricing page and it appears it changed and doesn’t clarify that.
  2. If yes, then when a project is submitted you have to wait for that time frame for it to send out?
  3. If yes again, how can we test?? Do we have to wait for the time frame to retest?

Sorry about all the questions.

Also it sounds like @rossliddell 's logic was totally correct with the “or” option. The problem is there is no “or” option so I have no clue what he means.

Also, when I use the “merged with” option I keep getting errors for the last 4 hours.

Regardless, he gave two options to fix one issue so I’m confused which one to use. Totally confused TBH.

  1. You can do two different types of API workflows.
    1. Scheduled recurring API workflows
    2. Set an API workflow then trigger them in the main workflow like where you had email set you would trigger the custom API workflow.

  2. and 3. You can trigger API workflow to send email as soon as the project gets submitted.

Hope this answers the questions.

Sorry, it’s early hours in the uk so not at my laptop. Basically you have the right idea just too many parameters in the searches. So you need to say this in your logic:

Do a search for subcontractors emails - then in the “search for” put your first criteria parameter eg. Subcontractors that deal with stone. Then you select “merged with” and select “do a search for” again - then in the search you put your next set of criteria parameter eg. Concrete. You can continue doing it like that. You will then be using OR

Hope that makes, typing from memory on my phone I’m afraid.

There will be other ways to get what you want but I’d need to look into it. Eg. you could create the list of criteria’s and pull up a list of subcontractors that match any item in the list or alternatively All of the list if you wanted.

I don’t see this as having anything to do with a scheduled workflow api. I could be wrong but it doesn’t logically make sense.


Hi @rossliddell,

I hope this email doesn’t wake you up. I just wanted to answer. Your answer makes sense 100%. It’s totally logical and it’s exactly the way I would think it would work.

I tried this for the last hour and no luck. Is there anyway you can take a look at the backend and see if you see something wrong? If yes, could you please change that so I can see what I’m doing wrong.

I apologize for all the follow up but I never thought this could be so complicated. Thank you!

I think this should work …

I have set up an API workflow … which runs on every Subcontractor (it will be too complex to filter them out upfront, particularly as you have lists of texts).

You pass in each subcontractor, and each list of texts (I just did div1 to 3) from your form.

And then do an intersection count for each div. Intersection gives you matches from both lists.

Then in your main workflow, schedule the API.


@NigelG Thank you very much for taking the time to explain this and I will surely test.

I have to ask as I was looking at the & upgrading the plan. Neither specify running API’s on current date/time. What pricing tier is this? Thanks so much!!

I understand their new pricing structure doesn’t charge per workflow or set limits, but rather by capacity. So you should be good running wfs at the current time. I’d make sure you’re looking at your logs and understanding if you’re getting close to your limits though.


@NigelG Is there anyway to start the project from the API? I can’t get the automated email to work anymore on the invitation to contractors.

@NigelG Your solution has worked flawlessly :slight_smile: Thank you! Just keep this piece working. Thank you for your advice.