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I have a project where we can see the active leads and add a follow up date. I want to send an email notification on the follow up date, how can I do this? I’ve seen some other topics but not an answer I can really relate to.

I have a page where there is a repeating group loading all leads.

You need to use scheduled workflow.

I did figure out I needed to use a scheduled workflow but I am not sure how to trigger the email and on what condition.

in API Workflow, you create a workflow and in action, you add Send email.
You need to create the scheduled workflow in an action on a thing.
For example, when lead is created, Schedule workflow on Created lead and use the current date + 10 days to set the date of the follow up

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I appreciate your efforts in answering me. Let’s say for example I have reached the date. How would that conditional statement look like?

I was guessing Do a search for Leads:first item > Constraint > Follow up date = Current/date/time. > Send Email.

In the process I suggest, the followup date field doesn’t matter.
Suppose your have a user that create a new lead.
On the page, You have a button “Save new lead”
This button trigger a workflow that: Create a thing (new lead). You set all the field you want (this cna include the followup date. We will suppose that this will be 10 days later than the actual date). So the follow update date will be current date +days (10).
You add another action, and you schedule an api worflow. The schedule date/time will also be: current date +10days. In this workflow, you will send the email. This will trigger only 10 days later than the created date of the lead.

Now, if you want a button to trigger manually, it’s possible too.
In this case, you will Schedule api workflow on a list. The list will be : Do a search for leads where followup date > current date set hour 0 and set min 0 AND followup date < current date set hour to 23 and min to 59

But I really suggest you to use the first way.

With the first way. If user do the followup before, you can cancel the scheduled API workflow too using a workflow.

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I will try to set this up. Cheers @Jici

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