Email notifications that user triggers

Hey there, when one of my users books a home similar to Airbnb I want to send them a series of emails.

The first one is confirmation of booking (fairly simple to do on Sendgrid). The next email would be a couple days before the booking and then another one at the end of their stay. This is the bit I’m struggling with atm.

Does anyone know a good email tool that I could use to setup such a workflow that would automate all of these emails?

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Unless you have specific requirements you could simply “schedule an API workflow”


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Bubble :slight_smile:

Use your email provider (Sendgrid, Postmark, Mailchimp, etc) only to create template emails & actually send the emails.
Use Bubble to map out the logic of which/when/to whom you are sending out emails.

Create a backend workflow for every email type you want to send out, add inputs for all the dynamic data you are inputting in the email (user/booking etc) and then schedule the API workflow in the future (ie Booking start date + days -2) using the Schedule API workflow action.

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