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Email notify set of users each time database changes

Hi All -

I’m hoping someone can help me organize my thoughts on how to accomplish the following.

I have a marketplace app with two types of users - athletes and trainers. I want to use sendgrid to automatically email my athlete users every time someone signs up as a trainer who coaches their sport from within 50 miles of their location.

In my database, I am already collecting which sport each user plays/trains and their location. I’m just unsure of the best method for setting up this workflow.

My thought process right now is that every time a trainer signs up, it would automatically kick-off a backend workflow that would 1. Do a search for all athletes from that sport and within location, 2. Create a list in Sendgrid, 3. Email that list with a responsive template.

Now that I’ve typed this out, it sounds like I will try this, but wanted to still post to see if anyone had any other suggestions.