Email signup reregister

Is there a way to allow reregister email on signup? I successfully setup an OTP style email activation that expires in 24 hours if not activated.

I would like to know how to allow the user to reregister the same email in case he/she forgets to activate said email. Is it possible to delete said email in database like a timer style or is there an easier approach to this? TIA!

I would suggest keep another Boolean field in database called “is_activated” Yes/No and keep the default value as “No”. If the user activates the email then change it to “Yes” and in case if the user doesn’t then it stays as “No”. When the user try to re-register, you can check if the email exists in the database and if it is marked active “Yes” or “No”. If it is marked as inactive, you can allow the user to register with that email again with your desired workflow.

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Okay, il try this approach. Was reading something about scheduled API workflow but i dont quite understand that yet.

edit: Was able to get a scheduled API to work. Only problem is, i dont know how to disable it upon successful verification lol

How are you currently identifying if a user has activated the email or not? Use the same field as a condition in the scheduled API action, so that during the scheduled event run, only if the user hasn’t activated the workflow action will run.

I got your suggestion to work and i find it easier than Scheduled API workflows. Thank you so much!