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Email to Create a thing / update a thing?

Is it possible to send values to input fields in Bubble lists via email? Much like you can email to Onenote/Evernote by using a specific email address and add the ‘thing’ in the subject?

Would that perhaps be a workaround? having a onenote/evernote connection feeding into Bubble?

I tried the email parser, but the Bubble app doesnt seem available for that. Is it because of beta?


Hey, I believe the easiest way to do this would be using and using their functionality to send data to a webhook. You would then use the Bubble API to set up a webhook that would receive the mailparser data and store it in your database appropriately (and do whatever else that’s needed).


Not sure if this will do exactly what you want, but you can grab info from links. Try the “Get ? parameter from link” action.

You could go Email > Zapier > Bubble API.

Zapier has an email Parser, or can watch Gmail accounts.

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Ill try the above mentioned solutions, will have to take a better look at API’s.

As for Zapier, I dont think this works becaue I cant select Bubble for the email parser but I dont know why because for other Zaps it works just fine.

Not sure if I want to try a workaround using gmail?

Seems to work fine.

Set up the Zapier Email address and select the elements you want to extract.

Set up a Zap to Use the Parser and the a Webhook to POST to Bubble.

Pass the outputs to a Bubble Workflow API.

Create a thing.


with a webhook, aha. Thanks. I’ll have a closer look when i get to working on that stuff again and report back.

In general I think a (web)app is great, but email is still such a vital part of communcation with customers that finding ways to integrate email with an app is really worth looking into in my opinion.

awesome, this works like a charm. Thanks!


excuse me, I know little about programming and web things, I’m just wondering how to set the URL in Zapier.

The URL is the endpoint in bubble that is an API workflow you have set up.

Have a read here …

So in the example above, the variables are the appname (trest3) and the API workflow name (microsoft).

Replace those with your app name and API workflow (you will need to turn on the API function in the settings, and I would not recommend running without authentication !) and point Zapier’s webhook at that URL.


Thanks. now I can get the all my email data, what should I do to display these emails in my app. In your last answer to vincent56, by saying Create a thing you mean? create things in which step and where?

In your API workflow,

If you look at the screenshot above, you will see “Create a New Activity” action.

So, an email from Microsoft arrives in Gmail, Zapier parses out the IP address from the email, and calls the Bubble API. The API creates an Activity.