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Email user if current date = event deadline date - X days

Hey all,

On my site, users log in and add an event and a deadline for the event. Users can keep track of various events in this manner… I want my site to automatically email the user with event name and link to notify that that the event deadline is approaching.

Struggling to see where can I even add a workflow for this… what would be the trigger for this?

@emmanuel , @ItsJustBusiness , @AliFarahat any idea how would you do this?

It’s not something we support yet, actually. This is basically a scheduled workflow. That’s on our list, and shouldn’t be too far, but it’s part of our API project.

In the meantime, you can have an admin page and do that manually for them (or have a workflow on page load, that checks for events and you load the page once a day). A bit hacky but probably the best way for now.

Hmmm it’s a wee bit hacky. If it’s on the backlog and scheduled for release in Nov then I would prefer to hold off for now. The reason being, there will be multiple instances of this check going on.

Basically, the user will add a job and has application deadline, but then the user can change the status from Open to Applied and this will have a new deadline and then to Interview and new deadline, etc etc… that would be putting in too many hacks to make something work :slight_smile: Want to stay away from them, just yet!

Would you be able to share how far are we away from this feature? 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 weeks? It would help me decide my next steps…

It’s a bit hard to commit on a timeline there. Prob within 8 weeks, but I would do the hack personally (it’s self contained and does the job, esp before you scale).

OK, so if I decided to go with a hack… but without me having to log in, how would you do it?

I am trying to think of a workflow, using the “Ever 5 s” element… send the email - but between them two, I can’t figure out how to set up If Deadline - Current date / time - 2 days scenario…

Faiz - One way to do this would be to use a crawler (e.g. Kimono) to load a page that has the rules for when to send an email. You can schedule the crawler to load a page once a day at a specific time. One thing you’ll need to work out is making sure Kimono only loads the page once - need to give it some data to fetch on the page so it doesn’t load the page multiple times.

Certainly hacky - but I used it to send me email alerts, didn’t test out or build controls for sending emails to customer, but definitely possible.


Hey @codyss , I had a look at Kimono… that’s a good suggestion. Although I haven’t tried it yet… I was looking at Kimono for something else, but your suggestion has made me realise how it could resolve my issue. I need to test it … will come back with the results later on.

I am still troubled by not being able to figure out how to finish the set up in bubble as @emmanuel mentioned :confused:

That’s a cool suggestion, thanks @codyss!

Hmm. Well using this method you would set up a workflow that is triggered when the page loads. But thinking through it a bit more, I can see how it would be tough to send separate emails to users other than having a workflow that has multiple (many?) “send an email” blocks with searches that show the Nth user’s email and information for email. Possible at small scale, but not with tons of users.

Is that similar to the set up you are thinking about?

Well I tried to do something else - and it didn’t work :smile:

On my page, I created a formula - Current datetime - Current Job’s Deadline formatted to 0 decimal places. Now it tells me there are X days remaining to deadline.

The next step was to create a statement, If 2<X<4, email user with Job Title and Job Deadline saying Deadline approaching. However this is where I got stuck - as there is no place in Bubble to add this currently.

As for Kimono, @codyss I am not sure how to get that working with my site. It’s another learning curve which I don’t think I am ready to go on just yet. Still learning and building my site on and that keeps me busy as it is :slight_smile: Thanks for your suggestion though… really appreciate it. I don’t suppose you have a good link / tutorial showing just how Kimono and bubble would work?

Hey @Faiz - Sorry, i don’t have a tutorial, but will lay out the few steps as I see it:

  1. Set up a new page to crawl (open) that has the workflows that generate the email. Put a repeating group with some dummy data on the page for Kimono to crawl. The act of crawling will open the page on their servers which will trigger the workflows to send email - set to ‘when page is loaded’
  2. Install chrome plugin in browser. Set up a kimono crawl using the plugin and crawl the data from the repeating group by clicking on the data
  3. In Kimono, set the desired frequency to crawl the page, which will generate the emails at desired rate

Other option would be to use Automator - if on mac- to just load the page. There are definitely other ways to load the page - possibly using Blockspring or others, I just used Kimono so suggested that.

Let me know if that helps.

Hey @emmanuel so I’ve decided to go ahead with the Page load suggestion and here’s what I am trying to do:

Step 1 - In my repeating group, I added a checkbox (invisible) that dynamically “is checked” if “Deadline” - “Current date” = 2 (i.e. if there are 2 days until deadline, check the box automatically)

Step 2 - I want to run a workflow to do the following “Email” “Current user’s email address” to say “Event name deadline is approaching”

Unfortunately I just can’t get the Email to work… the checkbox doesn’t have a workflow and when I try to set up the workflow by selecting Email element, it doesn’t show the option of “When Dynamic checkbox is selected”…

Any ideas what am I missing here?

p.s. @codyss - for now, I don’t want to leave the Bubble ecosystem and hence I am not investing in learning Kimono working just yet. But I appreciate your suggestion and hope to understand the workings of Kimono a bit more later.

About Kimono, I don’t think it will work. It scrolls the HTML but won’t execute the javascript of the page (so workflows). As a hack way, you would have to simulate a real user activity with tools like iMacro (on Firefox) or using growth hacker tools like Casper/Phantom JS. That’s a lot of pain for something coming.

That’s not possible. Only one workflow at a time. No loop available. Hopefully someday :slight_smile:

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Another option may be to set up a task to run on your local PC that uses something like curl to call a blank page on your site. That page would have a workflow that triggers on page-load to call your email workflows. I’m not 100% if a post or get request would be considered a page load, but setting up a task is pretty easy and seems like it may be worth a try if you wanted it to be automated. It could also trigger an email that sends you a status when it runs for peace of mind.

I’m also definitely looking forward to this backend automation being integrated in the future, though!

Update: So I just tried this. Basically I set it to send an email to myself on page load and then from my computer I just did curl -s [bubble site url] > /dev/null to load the page. Unfortunately it didn’t work, but I really don’t know much about curl, so maybe there is another way to do this that would work…

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Thanks, I don’t know anything about curl :slight_smile: so I am quite far off from even trying this.

@Faiz Is your workflow directly triggered “When your button from the Repeating Group is clicked” or is your workflow in a different Custom Workflow ?

Hey @emmanuel just checking if this feature ever made it to production version of bubble? Still keen on it.

We do have scheduled workflows already. Search for the this in the forum, you’ll see a few posts about it.

Thanks @emmanuel

To read more on scheduled workflows - this thread could be useful. Bulk Actions and Scheduled WorkFlow API

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