Email validation on new registered account not working

I’m testing my login program. It’s working following instruction from the web (register, login, reset_pw). However I’ve noticed that the email notification that I’ve received seems not working.

I can login even without confirming my email registration. I tried registering a fake non existing email and after registration I go straight to the login page and my fake email account went in without email validation. Seems like the email validation is not working.

Your thought please, thanks.

The login program are based from bubble sample.

Sorry for my English.

Very sorry you’re having this issue! Can you file a bug report for this case? We’ll need to look at your application, and then the success team will be able to assist you.


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Email validation is not supposed to work the way we might expect it to. It doesn’t validate automatically if an email is real or exists or not.

If you want users to validate their email before you actually allow their user account to be active, then you would maybe set up workflows so that you can send them an email with some kind of ‘code’ that they would then need to enter into your app (using inputs) to validate.

I’ve done this through email and SMS messages to validate the email and phone number provided. However, I have not done it where I don’t first create the user account…instead I just set conditionals to not allow the user to access parts of the app restricted for registered users until they have validated their email. I schedule a backend workflow to delete accounts that are not validated after a week or two.

Lots of options on how to set up validation and it depends on how you want your user experience to be, as well as the reasons for the validation in the first place.

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