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Email Validator and Google Sheets


I’m trying to use the output value of Email Validator “yes/no” as a condition for a formula in Google Sheets. When I run the e-mail validator in my app, it functions correctly, however, when I try to send the “Yes” or “No” value to Google sheets, the value is sent as a blank cell and not sure why. I’ve shown two screen shots below. The first shows when I manually add “yes” to update that particular cell and the outcome works as hoped – the particular cell in Sheets displays “yes.” However, when I make the data dynamic in the second image (I pull from the value of the element that I created which I renamed “Check Email Convention 1”), the value ends up being a blank. Do you have any thoughts on how to fix this? Alternatively, if you have any instructions on just running the Email Validator in Google Sheets through the Bubble API, that seems like another approach that could work, but I wasn’t able to find the write information on how to make this happen. Thank you!

Google sheet update via Blockspring can be a bit odd. Are you sure this is bubble end ?