Email verification link intermittent fault

Hi all,

I am a teacher and have built this app which is powered by OpenAi for teachers to automate parts of their job.

I used this template:

We launched the app yesterday, and have had a great response, with around 600 teachers trying to sign up. Unfortunately, around half are experiencing a bug with the sign up process. The bug is this:

They enter their email address to sign up on the ‘sign up’ page.
They receive an email with a verification link.
They click the link but they then arrive back at the ‘sign up’ page rather than the ‘complete registration’ page. They can not complete registration.
I have asked for information on devices/browsers they are using but can not see a pattern.

The ‘sign up’ and ‘complete registration’ pages are the same page, where a conditional is used to switch to ‘complete registration’ when the link URL sets the sign up source to ‘email click’.

The only way I can replicate the error is by signing up on one device, and then opening the email verification link on a second device, but I know that the teachers have done everything on the same device.

When I’m testing, I can’t replicate the error so am completely baffled! Any help would be much appreciated.


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