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Email workflow not sending with the bcc funcionality

Hello guys,

I am trying to trigger a button to send an email to the users of my website ( but the “BCC” functionality does not work without specifying an address on the “TO” field of the workflow.

send workflow screenshot

Also, when a user is interested in apartments, they do not receive the notification/email because Bubble counts apartments AND vrijstaande woning (villa), and not apartments OR villas. This means that the website must send a notification to both users interested in apartments and villas. The two can be selected from the “woningtypes” field.

The issue is that when you select another woningtype on top of “Vrijstaande Woning”, the button which triggers the workflow that sends the notification to the users’ email addresses shows 0 woningtypes instead of the real number and no notification is sent.

verstuur notification button

Summing up: a notification is sent when the user selects the Vrijstaande Woning (villa) from the woningtypes field, but when another user is interested in Appartments and villas, no notification is sent at all, so it limits the potential of Westlandbouwt.

I look forward to your feedback.

All the best,

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