Emailed Error Logs

My plan only gives me 24 hours of logs, so what I end up doing is every day run a report with the keyword “error” to see if anything messed up in the last day. There are parts of my app that are not used every day, so I want to make sure things are running the way they should.

I’m wondering if there an easier way to do this. Maybe a daily email that runs the report and sends you a list of errors? I saw one plugging, but it sounded like you had to signup for something, and then it only did front end, and did not include backend errors.

It be nice if Bubble had something like this.


Out of curiosity how are you doing this now? Just manually checking the logs?

Yes, manually doing it.

There’s an event for “when any unhandled errors occur” that you can log in your DB and email yourself nightly

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