Emails landing in users spam/junk

Hey guys, i have a workflow sending emails to users but they land in their junk folder and they never see it. What’s the best way to deal with this? Has this got to do with email verification or authentication i don’t know much about this.

Yep, would definitely recommend setting up the standard stuff in SendGrid. If you’re serious, I’d look at getting a dedicated IP, but you can also look at Postmark too.

If you’re looking for a free option, I personally use Sendinblue which gives you 300 emails a day for free and I’ve had no issues on the shared IP.

Yeah i’ve seen people suggest SendGrid.

Why is this?

Bubble uses SendGrid by default, it’s literally one of the most popular email deliverability platforms in the world, alongside AWS SES. If your emails are still coming from, and you want them to come from, then you’ll need to create a free SendGrid account and do some basic verification.

Free plans for basically every email deliverability platform use shared IPs. To simplify things, it basically means that the postman who delivers your emails also delivers emails for other businesses too. You share that postman.

Sometimes one of the other businesses that the postman is delivering emails for, is being spammy, and then all the email clients go, well lots of the time we receive emails from this postman, they turn out to be spam, we don’t reckon that this postman is very good.

So to fix this, you get a dedicated IP (postman), who only delivers your emails. And so there’s no opportunity for other businesses to tarnish the reputation of your postman.

Platforms like SendGrid often audit their IPs to make sure that they don’t have a bad reputation but this might happen weekly, and by which point already a week of your email isn’t being delivered nicely into your customers inbox, and is instead going straight to spam.

Terrible metaphor but hopefully it makes sense.

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made perfect sense to me, thanks, i will get a postman.

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How do i go about getting a dedicated IP?

With SendGrid, look like you’ll need their Pro plan.

Ok thanks

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