Embed HTML Jotform questionnaire

Hi all,

My first days here…
Bubble works nice for me but I have a problem that I do not understand:

I have found out the HTML box and use the Embed code of Jotform.
(jotform is prefered because of a lot of things)

The form has a variable length, depending on the questions answered.
For that I need the HTML box to enlarge in sync with the form.
Now the form is present:

  1. complete, but a lot of empty space below the send button (pages long)
  2. incomplete because the box is to small and questions and the send button are not visible, so the for does not work

And besides that:
Jotform reacts not as good as it does when it is not embedded.

What can I do to solve those 2 problems?

Thanks a lot
Newbee Marco (not a programmer)

try stretch to fit

Thanks for your reaction!
but, stretch to fit is an option for width not for length…
I have tried that already, but do not what I’m looking for

try styling height: 100%

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