Embedding : Why metadata is empty?

Does anyone knows what is wrong here. Im trying to use embedding from Open IA, but when im trying to collect the output, it saying that is empty.

Look :

This is when I query my vector database, it seems to take my prompt into account since it creates a vector.

but when it comes to retrieving the result, it tells me that it’s empty. Do you think the problem comes from PINECONE?

Here’s what’s empty and shouldn’t be in my workflow

Thanks for your help guys, good night :slight_smile:

Presumably the vectors you upserted do not have text metadata attched.

Alternatively, maybe your Pinecone query returns an error which you can see in the logs.

Look, i don’t know why it doesnt work here

My input :

And my outpout :

Why there is no result ?

Because Pinecone didn’t find any matches for the vector you provided…

Have you checked the Pinecone index actually has vectors?