Embeding pdf into email [Postmark - Newsletter]

Is it possible to have embeded pdf file (newsletter) into email?

Have been able to attach and send through a pdf file via Postmark (plugin):


Hey conesult, I’m actually building a plugin that would allow you to cancel any Sendgrids or Postmarks and I’d be happy to give you access to it in return of some improvement suggestions and bug reports.

This plugin will allow you to send as many emails as you like without the pay-as-you-go pricing, it also supports attachments and bbcode, and with bbcode you can add images, etc.

Also, you can build your own email template with code snippets provided at thirdsoft.io/template_generator

We also provide a few templates you could use out the rip.

Let me know if interested.

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Thanks for the reply!

Haven’t understood quite the purpose of the plugin, or the usability of the plugin. Could you share an example of a real case? Or what is the difference between the plugin and sendgrid/postmark, beside the pricing, what about email deliverability? Or the plugin has yet another different purpose than a traditional email service?

Would like to hear definitelly more. While the next thing after being able to attach pdf in the postmark (plugin), would like to embed the same pdf in the email, or if there is another way how to craft embeded newsletter in email, exlucluding paying services such as Mailchimp, etc.

Basically send an email and style it with bbcode or html. It allows you to use Alias emails too. It doesn’t depend on any outside apis or anything so essentially you could use it for free. If you wanted to run it for me and give me feedback I’d be happy to give you access to it for free.

Sounds interesting, can you provide more visual information about the plugin to see more about it.

Currently I am using Postmark, and I am very much satisfied with!

In the meantime, have just solved the case here with adding a html into a Postmark plugin’s HTML field. You can use Stripo to create nice templates.

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Sure, https://thirdsoft.io/emailstyle

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This is good!

Can you move the workflows in the backend?

To have a preview email underneath?

Hope you see those two feedbacks, and next toward the more professional service, ux!

Yes, can be used anywhere. You can also specify your alias emails if you have them. So for different workflow situations, you can send emails from your customer service or support emails

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