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Emojis start rendering strangely on a specific app

Hello Everyone,

I am building an app and I was using eomji on some specific cases. Starting yesterday, my emojis started to render strangely, they do not have color now. I tried to see if it was about the type of data but it is the same for data from database and raw text. I started to use apptext() on some pages I dont know if it can be linked to that.

The bug appears really on that specific project because I made a test creating an other app and it works properly so it’s not linked to my browser. I tried to duplicate my app and the bug seems to still on the cloned app.

How emojis should appears (test new app) :

How it is currently rendering on my app :

Thank you for your help

Just in case someone have the same issue. I found the solution, emoji appears in black and white when they are on a Bold format. Using Rich text editor can help you put emoji without bold format and the rest of the text in bold.

Chrome may fix that.