Empty entries added to db after entering my own Google API keys and changing reCaptcha key

Hi everyone,

After entering my own Google API keys and changing the reCaptcha key to one that actually works, every time I do an action on my page and upload something to my website, the database entries get added along with all the auto-generated stuff like ID that comes form Bubble, but none of the info from the form actually gets added (see screenshot).

I googled this already and found one forum post discussing this, but they only suggested checking my privacy settings, which I did. It still doesn’t work though. I also didn’t max out my data storage ~350 MB out of 500 MB on free plan.

If anyone could help with this, I’d be very grateful.

Ok, its an issue with the Google API keys, not reCaptcha. I changed my reCaptcha keys back and nothing happened, but when I removed the Google API keys I entered, it works again and data shows up normally like before.

Weird. If anyone knows what exactly the API keys are doing to cause this, please let me know.

I followed this tutorial before to enter my API keys for my Bubble app:

Fixed. So it turns out that if you’re generating your Google API keys for the first time, you will be asked when you enable one or more of the APIs, whether you want to use a newly generated key (automatically generated by Google) for all API services or no. I said no, but I still had a key generated. You should rename this key to Server and use that, instead of creating your own Server key. You only need to create a Client key this way like in the video I linked above. So use the automatically generated key as the Server key, and create your own Client key, paste those into Bubble like shown in the video and you should be good and it’ll all work hopefully. And the reason for why I think the blank entries were being created was because one of the fields in my web form uses the Geocoding API which wasn’t correct/functional when I initially entered my API keys, so this I think prevented everything else from being submitted since this field was required on the form, but if you entered something and submitted it, Bubble wouldn’t know what to do since a required field couldn’t use the Geocoding API to make a proper data conversion, but it was still filled out, thus allowing the form to be submitted and since a required field was blank/unknown, everything else was also prevented as well.