Empty space below elements

Hello guys!
I’m writing SPA. When dealing with footer and header and their correct display on the page I checked a few templates and found out that all groups/pages inside a spa should be the same height. In my case, the height of all elements is 1192px.
The problem is that now I have empty spaces below some groups ( examples on the pictures)

So, my question is how can I get rid of the empty spaces? Maybe there are some plugins for changing the height of indexpage dinamically depending on what group is displayed?
I definetely can reduce the height of all groups/pages, but it won’t save me from empty spaces on devices with big screens

Thanks in advance

Different ways to do this. Just keep in mind that you can build a mobile spa with different heights … the key to pull this off is to stack all content groups vertically and use placeholder groups that collapse when hidden.

To troubleshoot your specific setup will require more info.

You can try:

  • Stacking your current same-height groups vertically in the editor and set them all to be hidden and to collapse when hidden
  • Build logic to selectively make them visible as you per what that logic sets out to do (example: if custom state is 1 then this group is visible … etc etc)
  • Inside each of those same-height groups you can add invisible/collapsible placeholder groups as well


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