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Enable a page to link direct to Login rather than Signup


All in the title really, I have not found an ingenious solution to this one. I have the main signup box sending a confirmation email on registration. When the user clicks on the confirmation URL in the email it goes to my Confirmation page and tells them to click on the button I built. Currently it takes them back to the main Signup page, where they they then have to click on the “Login” to enter their details.

Is there a way to link directly to the Login? Are there reusable elements to remove some steps and make the user experience smoother with less clicks and more intuitive logic? I have had a good go at it and I can’t see it.

Thank you


I would use Get Data from URL, which allows you to pass along information to a page in the URL.

If you use Custom States to set whether it is Login or Sign up, then you can set things up something like this, using the correct Value that corresponds with your showing and hiding conditions.

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what it looks like when you create a link with a parameter…

Excellent - not used keys at all so far - saw them yesterday by chance and wondered what they are and how to use them. Thank you very much for a great response and very quickly! I will try this out.


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